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My First Beer

Posted by ebrius on October 6, 2008

The first beer I brewed was a kit I picked up from the local homebrew shop, Strange Brew (I highly recommend them to anyone who lives in Massachuttes and is looking for a reliable and honest homebrew shop). I decided to get their Pale Ale kit. I figured a Pale Ale would be a rather easy recipe to make (ie not screw up). I have lost the recipe, but this is it as close as I can remember.

5lb Amber Liquid Malt Extract
2lb Light Dry Malt Extract

1oz Cascade Hops @ ~30 min

Irish Moss @ 15 minutes

Basic Dry Ale Yeast

Priming Sugar:
Corn Sugar

The recipe turned out very good, especially since it was a kit beer, and was my first try. Interestingly, the beer was bitter when I first bottled it, the bitterness then faded after about a week, but seemed to come back and taste much better after about two weeks.


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