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Getting Ready for the IPA

Posted by ebrius on October 7, 2008

This is going to be my first attempt at my favorite beer style, India Pale Ale. Like most hop heads, i love the overbearing, bitter, refreshing flavor of IPAs. This beer is going for one thing, Hops. I was thinking of making a balanced IPA, with a balance of maltiness and bitterness, but then I thought, “Whats the fun in that?”

Honorable East India Pale Ale

6lb  Extra Light Dry Malt Extract

1lb    Crystal 40L
.375lb Crystal 20L
.375lb Crystal 60L
.25oz  CaraPils

0.5oz  Columbus      @ 60
1oz    Cluster       @ 60
0.25oz Cascade       @ 50
0.25oz Columbus      @ 40
0.25oz Cascade       @ 30
0.25oz Columbus      @ 20
1oz    Fuggles       @ 10
0.75oz Cascade       @ 10
1.25oz Cascade       @ 0
1.25oz Cascade       @ DH
1oz    Kent Goldings @ DH after two weeks

White Labs California Ale WLP001

1 tsp Irish Moss @ 15

Priming Sugar:

OG:  1.058
FG:  1.015
IBU: ~100
ABV: 5.5 %
SRM: 10

As you can see, I’ll be adding hops throughout the entire boil in the hopes of brewing a very complex hops flavor. I was worried that too many specialty grains would distract from the hopiness, so I chose to go with about 2lbs of standard Crystal Malt, which might be a little much, but we will see. I also added some CaraPils in the hope of improving head retention, I’ve never used it before, so we’ll see if it really does anything. Whats interesting about this one is that I’ve decided not to move it to a secondary, and I will instead dry hop at increments while the beer is still in the primary. The ingredients should arrive today, which will give me enough time to prep the yeast and brew this weekend. I plan to move my Christmas Ale into a secondary the same day I brew this.


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