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Looking for a good Spring beer

Posted by ebrius on October 11, 2008

I’ve got plenty of time to perfect a recipe, but I’ve been trying to come up with a refreshing Summer-ish beer. I’m definitely thinking it will be a wheat beer, but the question is, what kind of fruit should I use? Raspberry beers are common enough, and I don’t want my beer to be common. I’m thinking either a chocolate cherry, or a peach mango, but like I said, I’ve got plenty of time to decide.

Edit: Maybe kiwi? I’m started to get excited about this beer, I might not be able to wait to brew this one.


One Response to “Looking for a good Spring beer”

  1. Twitch said

    I would suggest not going with a peach mango. Not because I dont like the flavors, but Dogfish head released one, and its probably my least favorite of their brews. Overall the flavor was a bit to bitter, and sweet at the same time. It also had almost a sour characteristic from the fermentation of the mango.

    The chocolate cherry seems like a really interesting concept. though it may be a bit to much on the heavy side with chocolate.

    You cant ever seem to go wrong with the good old fashion blueberry… but that goes into the realm of too common. Might I suggest either Strawberries, or even black currants. As an even more out there choice. Worth tasting to see if it would fit in with a wheat style beer. I think both of those would work well.

    But its your brew, so I will leave it to you. Just thought I would throw some advice from a fellow beer snob.

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