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Another weekend, another homebrew

Posted by ebrius on October 12, 2008

Yesterday marks the fourth homebrew that I have brewed thus far. Overall, the brew went very well. I picked up some new equipment recently (kitchen scale, digital thermometer) and it was very useful. The only mistake that I made was that I forgot to add irish moss to the boil, so this one might be a little cloudy. But as long as it tastes good, cloudy beers really don’t bother me.

Instead of storing the beer in my basement I but it in my bedroom closet because my basement is getting a little cold to brew. I woke up this morning smelling hops, a mix of fruggles and cascade, very interesting, but I hope the beer doesn’t end up smelling like that, since it smelt more like spiced fruit, we’ll see how its going in two weeks when I add the extra hops.

Depending on how bad the smell gets or how much my roommates complain, this one might be going back down into the basement.


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