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Brewin a Brown

Posted by ebrius on October 13, 2008

I’ve created a lot of different recipes, but most of these are hoppier beers that don’t have a very strong malt backbone. I’ve decided to change things up a bit and create a recipe for a brown ale. Brown ales usually fall somewhere between pale ales and porters, but I think this one will lean a little closer to a porter.

5lb  Light Dry Malt Extract

1lb   Victory Malt
.25lb Chocolate Malt
.25lb Canadian Honey Malt
.25lb Crystal 20L
.25lb Crystal 40L
.25lb Crystal 60L
.25lb Crystal 80L

.5oz Kent Goldings @ 60
1oz  Kent Goldings @ 30
.5oz Kent Goldings @ 10

White Labs English Ale WLP002

OG:  1.050
FG:  1.013
IBU: 28
ABV: 4.8 %
SRM: 16

I’m not a big brown ale kinda guy, but I figured it would be an interesting style to try out and do something a little different.


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