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Dry Yeast vs Liquid Yeast

Posted by ebrius on November 5, 2008

While I am by no means an expert with yeast, I feel that I have some valuable insights for anyone who is interested in brewing their own beer, or who is thinking about graduating from dry yeast and moving to liquid yeast. Here is a list of the pros and cons of each time, and why I think liquid yeast is superior.

Dry Yeast
+No starter is necessary
+Risk of infection is less
+Taste is balanced
+Carbonation is quicker then liquid yeast
+Cost ($1 for a pack, as opposed to $5+ for liquid yeast)
-Lack of control over flavor’s, flocculation, etc
-Yeasty taste is apparent

Liquid Yeast
+Yeast provides no off flavors when used properly
+Flavor, flocculation, attenuation are all controllable
-Starters take at least two days
-Infection is more likely since you need to grow the yeast
-Seems to take more time to carbonate a bottle then dry yeast

With a little planning ahead and a little extra sanitation, there is no reason not to use liquid yeast. There are so many different types and each has its own specific characteristics. Dry yeasts are nice if you need yeast there and then, but other then that, liquid yeasts are superior in every way. They cost a little bit more, but they are simply a higher quality product. You can definitely make a good beer with dry yeast, but if you really want to control those subtle flavors that make a good beer great, you need to use liquid yeast.

Another thing is when using a dry yeast, I have never gotten down to my expected FG, but with liquid, I’ve hit it every time.


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