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IPA take two

Posted by ebrius on November 17, 2008

Here’s what I think my next IPA is going to look like. It looks very similar to my last recipe, but I’ve decided to add some Centennial hops to mix things up a bit. This might see a little variation depending on how my current IPA ages:

Honorable East India Pale Ale

6lb    Extra Light Dry Malt Extract

1lb    Crystal 60L
.5lb   Crystal 40L
.5lb   Crystal 80L
.5lb   CaraPils

1oz    Cluster    @ 60
0.25oz Cascade    @ 40
0.25oz Columbus   @ 40
0.75oz Centennial @ 30
0.25oz Cascade    @ 20
0.25oz Columbus   @ 20
1oz    Cascade    @ 10
1oz    Cascade    @ DH
1.25oz Centennial @ DH

Wyeast Northwest Ale 1332

1 tsp Irish Moss @ 15

Priming Sugar:
Corn Sugar

OG:  1.058
FG:  1.015
IBU: ~120
ABV: 5.5 %
SRM: 13

This beer ups the bitterness of my current IPA, switches around the hops a little bit, and makes it a little maltier. I won’t be brewing this one for a while, so hopefully when I do I’ll have a kegging system set up!


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