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Two Goals, One Beer

Posted by ebrius on October 10, 2008

I’ve been wanting to brew a fruit beer for a while. I wanted something bitter, but still with plenty of flavor. I was looking at different fruits, primarily raspberries and blackberries. My first thought was to create a raspberry wheat beer that would be perfect for the summer. However, I tried a couple of fruit beers that had raspberries in them, and they just didn’t fit right with me. I was reminded of a blackberry infused vodka I made a while back, and while the blackberries themselves were amazing, the vodka it self left a lot to be desired. The vodka absorbed the sweetness in the berries so there wasn’t the puckering bitterness I was looking for. This led me to design a porter that was bitter enough to bring out the blackberry bitterness. This leads me into my second goal, about 4 months ago I was given a couple oz of hops at the American Craft Beer Fest, and I have been wanting to use these for a while. They are Hallertau hops, which should go well as flavoring and aroma hops in this beer.

6lb   Light Dry Malt Extract
1lb   Crystal 80L
.5lb  Chocolate Malt
.25lb Black Patent
.25lb CaraPils

1oz   Galena    @ 60
1.5oz Hallertau @ 30
.5oz  Hallertau @ 10

1 Can Oregon Blackberry Puree (49 oz.) into Secondary

Wyeast American Ale II 1272

Priming Sugar:

OG:  1.057
FG:  1.014
ABV: ~5.5%
IBU: ~70
SRM: 30

I’m hoping to have this beer turn out a lot like Southern Tier’s Raspberry Porter, but a little fuller, and obviously with blackberries instead of raspberries.

Now that I think about it, I might add a little bit of real chocolate to the brew to see if that does anything interesting.

EDIT: Made a few changes to the grain bill


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